Seven Deadly Cynics

Monday, October 11, 2010

Carving the most inane thoughts in the darkest corners of the universe

Inevitable of course, but at least I tried, depending on your definition of tried.

Every word sounds empty, feels pathetic.

Is it my fault that I'm a loser, I sympathise with all the idiots, talentless hacks, the self-harmers, the emos and goths, the hipsters or perhaps I'm jealous that they are at least unfraid to be themselves. Even when they are trying to be something else.

I am boring, which is perhaps the thing about me that causes the most self-hatred and what is more boring than self-hatred.

What is a blog for, I'm talking to the void ultimately, especially with no audience.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Truth is aesthetically displeasing, aesthetic displeasure is truth

The world gets that little bit more horrible in my mind each time I realize a truth. That a politician will never break the mould, that promises of transperancy, honesty, integrity are impossible standards that no one can live up to, but they must make them to have a chance. That rape has nothing to do with sex drive and more likely comes from resentment over womens power, they call the shots and decided who and when, an inevitable result of evolution just as rape is which can result in a pregnancy just as easily. Although truth is limited by our current data and ability to interpret and understand data, a new truth might be realised and the world in my mind will change but always for the horrible and this is a truth that I cant see changing.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Following these messages

my lead
the yellow brick road
the white rabbit
that car
the lady
your heart
your dreams
the leader
the money

me on twitter?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ode to Tea

Thick and black like crude oil
Sooth the aches from daily toil
Bubbling, steaming to the boil
Goodness from exotic soil

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mind full of mind

I've been embracing anxiety inducing thoughts in an effort to trigger the painful physical symptoms and enjoy them in a masochistic way. It may lead me further down the path of madness or allow me to engage in behavior I would otherwise avoid, most of which is useful sometimes even essential. The best case scenario is that the anxiety or the symptoms will reduce and I will fell less like I am dying after I talk to people.
I'm not sure when it got to the point that every word I spoke felt like a insult or offensive smell that exposed my secret disdain for the world and everyone in it. I don't want people to think I hate them and often I dont, but I often patronize people in everyday conversation. I stop thinking about thoughts and thinking about thinking about thoughts and speak with a filter and when the only compliments that stay with me are that I am smart or have good taste it is all I have.
I hate people because I hate myself, I cant forgive small mistakes or cruelties because I cant forgive my own stupidity.
I am not that smart though but very thoughtful (obsessively so) and knowledgeable. I assume other people are as 'smart' and talk about things they dont know about, this might make them feel stupid but if I realise and mention it explicitly how could they not or at least think of me as pretentious and self-absorbed/obsessed.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My hope for this season and for the special was that we would get to see the doctors clone/daughter again, there is only one more episode so that probably wont happen. The only important characters you might expect to still show up are the timelords, but there was a rogue time machine on the loose. Prisoner zero said "Silence will fall" but unless the atraxi are involved in the alliance and the destruction of the tardis it seems unlikely.

The best interpretation I can come up with is that the romans create the myth of pandora / amy pond and her box/jar is the pandorica. One myth recalls that the box is closed too late but that hope is trapped inside which the doctor represents. and that the box was closed too late. and it is later attributed to the greeks or deliberately design to give the impression.
It simply be symbolic of amy's character, a girl with no parents

This episode also gives possible context to the moment in "flesh and stone" when the doctor appears to amy wearing a jacket after leaving the area not wearing a jacket, asking her to remember what he said. This could suggest that their first meeting was for some reason wiped from existence and that was the only point that the doctor could cross his own timeline to get her to remember him.
"If something can be remembered it can come back"

This is not the first time that roman and greek legends were recalled, the doctor hunts the Graphais in van gogh episode with a mirror recalling peresus hunting medusa, the beast in the starship uk is atlas

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Confusions of an Apatheist

The world is fucked and we are all fucked, except we are not and that is the most tragic thing. The earth will certainly go on no matter what we do to it and humans will find a way to survive even if billions end up dying and we have to live as scavengers, we are as bacteria, prepared to live in the most dire, disgusting and undignified way so long at it means being alive, we just have to redefine the word alive and we are so clever at that.

We know the concept "Too Big to Fail" is a myth yet we still apply it to human civilisation, confident that humanism and secularism will stand the test of time, that people will abandon foolish ideas like religion and superstition given enough time, but the worm can turn, has turned before and reduced knowledge and critical thought to ash and dust, through violence and disuse.

Outlaw religion, The opiate of the masses, it truly is a mind-altering drug, religion is often cited as the genesis of humanism or understanding and tolerance, but theocracies have created and create the worst totalitarian states, the most oppressive, it's the influence of great thinkers and philosophers chipping away at rock hard confidence by having their martyred body cast against it. From Plato to Galileo to Kurt Westergaard it is death from the believers and always rational thought fair trials and acceptance from the 'heretics', so our grip is always tenuous lest we crush or in anyway damage our own and other hard-fought for freedoms.

Yet the only conclusion we can and should make is that freedom from religion is as important as freedom for religion, we opiate shouldn't be illegal to abuse. The will of the individual to withdraw and self-harm is denied in the wake of moral indignation yet de-criminalization potential helps everyone, in the same way teaching people to think criticaly leads them to abandon tradition and myth rather than forcing them to betray comforting blind faith or at least in theory.


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